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I'm a very quality-focused eater, and have become a regular take-out customer; it's great to not have to compromise for convenience. And the service is always courteous and professional. Big thumbs up!

(Anonymous, 1,650 days ago)

(Gail G., 1,692 days ago)

(Anonymous, 1,709 days ago)

(Anonymous, 1,757 days ago)

Nice decor and atmosphere. The food was made with fresh ingredients and truly Italian. Wine was delicious!!

(Anonymous, 1,856 days ago)

Very easy and I sent the same gift last year and they thoroughly enjoyed it. You made my gift giving easy!!

(Ellen C., 1,953 days ago)

As vegans we LOVE the salads (ordered w/o cheese & no dairy based dressing) and funghi pizza (ordered w/o cheese). If you like Daiya mozzarella they have it. One of the 2 times we ordered take out pizza someone messed up and put dairy cheese on our it even though we emphasized no cheese. We didn't notice this until 45 minutes later when we got home, but management kindly made it up to us. Everyone can make mistakes. I point out the mistake not to complain, but rather to urge you to ensure the pizza is vegan if you want it that way. We love Farina Alto!

(Cherie J., 599 days ago)


(Anonymous, 684 days ago)

(Anonymous, 1,100 days ago)

Awesome meal! Probably the best eggplant parmigiana I have ever had. Antipasto plate was nicely prepared with very fresh lightly toasted bread. Very good selection of domestic and import wines. Good value and an excellent meal for the price. Will definitely be back when I'm in town

(Anonymous, 1,411 days ago)

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